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Restaurant, bar, nightclub, discotheque, catering and hotel services.

Music entertainment services; general entertainment services; concert services; production, composition, compilation, distribution and publishing of musical works, videos, films, sound recordings, and demonstration recordings; provision of studio facilities for the recording, production and transmission of music; editing, re-mixing and arranging of sound recordings and musical reproducing apparatus and instruments; organising deejaying, arranging, conducting and provision of entertainment events, shows, concerts, gigs, live and recorded performances, tours, competitions, interviews, promotional and personal appearances; music, disc jockey, hosting and artist agency service; consultancy and training relating to the aforesaid services; publication, production and distribution of radio and television programmes, and printed matter, all relating to music entertainment; providing information related to a solo recording artist by means of a global computer network, including music, videos, photographs, sound recordings, tour schedules, merchandise and educational information.

Guitars, and parts and fittings therefor; electrical and electronic musical instruments.

Clothing, footwear and headgear.

Posters, magazines, books, audio books; sheet music, record sleeves, pens, pencils, programmes, calendars; postcards, address books, personal organisers, stickers, transfers, and decalcomania; computer programs; guides, brochures; stationery, photographs, lithographs and etching; graphic reproductions, pictures, catalogues, binders, greeting cards, advertising promotional materials; non-furniture office and school requisites; comic and cartoon strips, non-furniture school and office requisites.

Kingsid Ventures Ltd

1414 Avenue of the Americas-New York-10019-New York,-US-

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