G.P. Fin Motor

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12, 36, 39

rental of motor vehicles, in particular, of sports and luxury cars; transport and storage of goods; transport of travellers; services provided by companies operating stations or bridges used for transport purposes; rental of transport vehicles; marine towing, unloading, operating harbours and quays and salvage of endangered ships and their cargo; airport services; packaging goods, before forwarding; information relating to travel and the transport of goods provided by intermediaries or tourist agencies; information services relating to tariffs, timetables and means of transport; checking vehicles and goods before transshipment.

Consumer finance; business finance; leasing; finance for the purchase of cars, boats and vehicles in general; services provided for and/or on behalf of others, in the insurance sector; exchanging money, clearing (financial); services provided in the banking and/or insurance sector by credit institutions other than banks, such as cooperative credit associations and individual finance companies; financial services provided by investment trusts and holding companies; stockbroking services; services relating to monetary affairs, insured by trustee agents; issuing of travellers' cheques and letters of credit; services provided by real estate managers, such as rental services, real estate appraisal or provided by financial backers; services connected with the insurance sector, such as services provided by insurance agents or brokers; services provided to insurers and the insured; insurance underwriting services.

Automobiles; trucks; mopeds; motorcycles; bicycles; tricycles; tyres and inner tubes for vehicles and motor vehicles in general; tractors; buses; vehicles and motor vehicles; aeroplanes; helicopters; gliders; boats; dinghies; ships; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; motors and engines for land vehicles; wheels and frames for bicycles and motorcycles; seats for bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds; engines for motorcycles; mopeds and motor vehicles; pinions, chains and mudguards for bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds; tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and motor vehicles; clutches and gears for motorcycles and motor vehicles; steering wheels for vehicles.


Via Fogazzaro, 22-21050-Bisuschio (VA)-IT-

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